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enrique collar

Enrique Collar - Painter, Photographer
"All abstract paintings speak to us with figurations, and all figurative painting speak to us with abstractions"

Enrique Collar is a visual artist and film director from Paraguay, who is currently living and working in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Collar’s figurative paintings explore representations of reality in a 2D context and spherical 360-degrees for Virtual Reality.

Cultural Exploration of Latin America

Collar has had an interest in painting ever since he poured over the brightly coloured comic book pages as a young child. He rediscovered his love of art whilst working in various printing companies during his teenage years. Born in the Paraguayan countryside, his Latin American heritage greatly influences his earlier work, focusing on cultural questions of myth and reality. On moving to Holland in 2003, Collar decided to close this chapter of his life and explore a new direction of figurative painting.

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Digital Impact

Incorporating digital techniques and new visual tools into the tradition of painting is fascinating to Collar. Three decades as a painter has seen Collar’s approach to the painting process develop and evolve to explore the shifts and advancements in technology. From using life drawings as studies, to using printed photographs, Collar now manipulates the image on photoshop and transfers it to an ipad screen. This allows him to immerse himself on the most minute details and shifts in light.

Prestigious Public Collections

Collar has exhibited extensively in Paraguay, Argentina and all over Europe. His work is held in both private and public collections around the world, including the Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo in Barcelona and the Maisón de L'Amérique Latinein Paris and the Inter-American Development Bank Art Collection, Washington DC.



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