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eric massholder

Eric Massholder - Painter
"A picture is only finished once it is destroyed. You have to bow to progress in order to perish"

The German-Italian painter Eric Massholder, born 1960 in Heidelberg, lives and works in the south of France. As an autodidact, his artistic vision and work was significantly influenced by his numerous study visits to Morocco (1979), Greece, Sicily and India (1980) as well as his studies at the Villa Arson in Nice (1981-82).

Kaleidoscope of the Inner World

In his works, Eric Massholder condenses his desires, fears and dreams in far-intense motive collections. For this purpose, he repeatedly uses the same grammar and style of expression - for example, life and death can be found in the form of eggs or skulls in his paintings. He is deeply inspired by great artists like Dalí, van Gogh or Picasso.

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Mixed Media

Eric Massholder uses painting to express himself because words are not enough for him. Therefore, the artist does not want to commit himself to a special technique or materials to do justice to his themes - he celebrates the abundance offered in the lush expression of his art.

International Presences

Eric Massholder's works are on display at numerous international exhibition venues, including Quernheim Fine Arts Monaco (1992), Percosi d'Arte Venice (1999) and Quadrige Nice Gallery (2003). His works are also receiving attention in Germany and are exhibited at the ARTLOFTANDMORE_Showroom Berlin or Galerie Z22.



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