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geoffrey agrons

Geoffrey Agrons - Photographer
"I had grown deeply interested in the episodic shifting of light and mood"

As a former radiologist, American photographer Geoffrey Agrons once spent his workdays interpreting “photographs” of the human interior. In time, he recognized that an unspoken aesthetic appreciation of diagnostic images was deeply entwined with the rigor of anatomic analysis, logic and problem solving.  He grew interested in a different relationship with photography, one that separated an immediate emotional response from vigilant interpretation.  In 2005 he acquired his first camera, and began to explore the world beyond the darkened radiology reading room.

The Struggle of Achieving Environmental Harmony

Agrons mostly explores the volatile coexistence between humans and the natural world. His work is informed by transition and ephemerality, and favors material that leaves an inchoate emotional residue-that haunting suspicion that we may have forgotten something important in our inattention to the sensual realm.  He has  come to think of these mementos mori as melancholigraphs.

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Traditional Techniques

Agrons primarily works in black and white. He appreciates the ethereal look of monochrome archival ink jet prints made using Bizan, a traditional Japanese Washi individually handmade at the Awagami mill in Tokushima. The paper is composed of environmentally friendly Kozo (mulberry) and Hemp fibers, yielding naturally deckled edges and a unique texture. Some images may be appropriate for hand-made palladium contact prints. This process, sometimes referred to as platinum or platinum-palladium printing, yields a soft image with a wide tonal range in the highlights, making the prints truly archival.

An Established American Presence

Geoffrey Agrons has exhibited at numerous shows including the Soho Photo 2016 National Alternative Processes Competition and ‘Landscapes’ at The Center for Fine Art Photography. His work is also represented in many American collections.


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