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Guy Beggs - Painter
"To this day I love being in the landscape and observing and recording seasonal changes as well as noting the changes made to it by man."

Guy Beggs is a Painter born in Durban, South Africa, now living in London and Brighton & Hove. He studied fine art at institutions such as The Royal Academy Schools, London and Goldsmiths College, London, eventually teaching the subject and becoming the department head at Sir John Cass School of Art. His work centres around British landscapes portrayed with a plethora of colour.

South African Starting Point

Growing up in Southern Rhodesia, Beggs explored rural areas which gave him a great sense of the clarity of form and colour and helped him further to create dramatic contrasts of light and shade. Presently, Beggs enjoys recording the seasonal environmental changes and how this connects with changes made by man.

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Re-imagining Landscape Scenes

Through his observational techniques, Beggs hopes to breathe new life and regenerate nature views as opposed to realistically painting them. The use of  the methods of staining and mark making motivates Beggs to contemplate landscapes more conventionally before adding his own unique layer to them. Doubt, indecision and uncertainty remain an essential element in making paintings.

An Internationally Acclaimed Artist

Guy Beggs has exhibited on a global scale, including: the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, London, the Dusseldorf Art Fair, Germany and the Threadneedle Prize Exhibition, London. Further, private and public galleries worldwide own his works including; Tate Britain, London, The Museum of London and the Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand.


Fallen Leaves

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