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jacqueline abel

Jacqueline Abel - Painter
"I continue to cultivate an enjoyment for (art) the richness and subtlety in this visual form of communication."

Jacqueline Abel is a British painter and drawer with a strong focus in oil, watercolour and gouache. She completed her formal education in art, graduating from Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Art and Technology with a BA Hons Degree Fine Art Painting. As members of her family have worked in artisan trades, Abel utilises certain competencies in her work.

Using Familial Roots

Abel’s paintings and drawings stem from a strong visual approach and a desire to make something that she shares an emotional connection to be of value with herself and the viewer. With a family working as woodcrafters to importers of fine spices and flavourings, she interweaves these professions in her art including the titles, with a sensual exploration finding expression through painting and drawing. Abel subject matter takes further inspiration from the British countryside and the nature she observes around her.

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Simplicity is Key

Abel prefers using basic materials such as paper and wood to capture her vision. This simplicity allows Abel to have the freedom and to be fully creative without boundaries on the canvas. She has a responsive approach, where her artwork constantly changes with each brushstroke therefore her use of colours varies.

National Acclamation

Jacqueline Abel has established a strong presence in the UK, taking part in the Threadneedle Prize exhibitions on two occasions, the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition and the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize Exhibition. She is poised to extend her momentum on an international scale.