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Jean-Jacques Chambry - Painter

Figurative painter Jean-Jacques Chambry was born in 1935 in Seine-Maritime. He is known for his pictorial exuberance and explores themes such as landscape, seascape, still life and bullfighting.

From decoration to painting

Chambry studied at l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Rouen, where he learned about decoration, drawing, pottery, graphic art, sculpture, modelling, painting and history of art. Having specialised in Decoration and Interior Design, he created his own decorating and design business and worked in several African countries for 12 years. Coming up with the ideas for the construction and design of apartments, hotels, an embassy and private homes allowed him to develop an understanding regarding the effects of light on an environment. Since his return to France, he has been dedicating himself to painting and has joined the association Les peintres libres de Rouen.

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Painter of light

In 1993, Chambry founded the association Les artiste peintres du faubourg Saint-Maclou. Saint-Maclou, also known as “the antiquarian district” in Rouen, became his preferred subject matter. The artist drew his inspiration from the old town’s streets and medieval houses, bringing out the timbering, roofs and small windowpanes through his depiction of light. In 1999, he moved to Montpellier, where the midday sun enriched his paintings with its warm colours and blazing light.

An experienced artist

Over the years, Chambry’s work has been exhibited and awarded many times. He notably received le Prix René Borel, the 42nd Grand Prix International de Deauville and the first prize from Montpellier city. Chambry’s paintings have been exhibited in France and abroad.


scènes de vie

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Rivage de Sète

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