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Lumina Wang - Painter

Artist Lumina Wang is originally from Taiwan and is currently living in Paris. She is a multidisciplinary artist and expresses herself, principally, through painting, photography and video.

Art, in all its forms

Wang had been acting from a very young age, directing her academic path towards performing arts. She was a reporter and scriptwriter for several years. Nevertheless, she continued to have a passion for visual arts. When she arrived in Paris, she decided to pursue art further.

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From mythology to painting

Wang is passionate about mythology and, when it comes to human relations, she is perceptive. Her paintings are symbolic and explore themes such as love, passion and human interaction. Drawing her inspiration from her subconscious, the artist narrates stories and myths by using a naïve and childlike aesthetic, which contrasts her paintings’ complex subject matters. By considering painting a psychological process, she oscillates between figuration and abstraction, producing work that is very personal and halfway between expressionism and symbolism.

An emerging artist

Today, Wang divides her time between creating artwork and acting. Her paintings have been exhibited, on numerous occasions, in France as well as in Tokyo, Japan. In 2017, her paintings were auction in Hôtel Drouot, Paris.


Mère Sauvage/Wild Mother

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