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Manuel Müller - Draftsman

Coming from a family of artists, with a father who is a sculptor, (Robert Müller), a mother who is a painter and a jeweller and a half-brother who is also a painter, Manuel Müller is a Franco-Swiss painter and engraver.

A loner (Einzelgänger), a solitary wanderer

Manuel Müller trained as a sculptor in marble in Carrara before settling in Lausanne.  Now working with wood, neither his sculptures nor his engravings can be classified under a single category.  His adventurous work is closest to the German concept of Einzelgänger (a maverick, non-conformist).  The artist is a solitary wanderer who practices his art at the crossroads of different epochs and civilisations that are far distant from one another.

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Primarily syncretic art

Manuel Müller grew up surrounded by thousands of objects that had been brought back from different cultures by his family.  His sculptures in wood are therefore more influenced by Romanesque art and the culture of Mesopotamia than by the primitive art forms of mainland Europe.  His engravings are also heavily impregnated with syncretism evoking the mythology of imaginary worlds that reflect a certain holiness.

A well-known lone wanderer

Manuel Müller’s work has earned him numerous private exhibitions, primarily in Switzerland, France and Germany, notably at the Antoine Bourdelle Museum and the Jenisch Museum.  He has also participated in several public exhibitions all over the world and has been awarded numerous prizes for his sculptures.  He was the winner of the UBS 125th Prize for Sculpture as well as the Antoine Bourdelle Prize.


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