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Mari French - Painter
"My work is essentially an abstract distillation of my experience of place. I’m an experimental and intuitive painter and use whatever works to achieve results that excite me. I am constantly learning and I love that; it feels like I’m on a journey."

Mari French is a British landscape painter using the style of abstraction. She presently lives in Norfolk, UK. Studying Art and Design at Stockport College, she subsequently pursued a career as a graphic designer, eventually moving to the Isle of Skye. In this location, she grew inspired by breath-taking views of the natural world, which continues to inspire her work.

The Influence of the British Coast

French’s art stems from the coastline of Norfolk, where she lives, and the rocky coves of Cornwall. Painting these areas in an abstract style heightens the curiosity of her audience which encourages further engagement in her work. Viewers are able to identify characteristics of the regions that they have travelled to, have knowledge of or even live in proximity to, bringing about a sense of familiarity to these landscapes.

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The Use of Mixed media

To begin her creative process, French sketches on location, which helps to establish her feelings and experience of a place. She then returns to the studio, where she experiments with a variety of materials from acrylic to oil pastel and ink. This intuitive and unpredictable process enables the painter to be more creative and expressive. Her canvases, even though grounded in real landscape, are freed from their initial inspiration and convey the intuitive painting experience of Mari French.

A National Presence

Mari French has garnered a strong audience across the UK, participating in exhibitions such as: The Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition and the Affordable Art Fair, Battersea. French exhibits throughout the UK and her work is held in national and international private collections.


Illuminated coast

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