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mark ashton vey

Mark Ashton Vey - Painter

Mark Ashton Vey is a British painter. Having played in the band ‘Rare Bird’ for 2 years, he has lived all over the world composing music in his solo career and pursing his painting. He now lives in Nice Côte d’Azur in France. His work explores musicality and movement through the medium of paint and a vibrant play of colour.

Surrealist Preoccupations

Simply put, Vey is a painter of trees. His Surrealist canvases explores the vitality and life force found in their twisting branches and gnarled trunks. Since his childhood spent in the Scottish countryside of Sterlingshire, trees have held a profound significance for Vey and in a way, form part of who he is.

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Musicality Meets Painting

Vey describes his own art as ‘Musicalism’. Even though his musical career remains in the past, it continues to inform his vivacious and bold paintings. As he would do with a musical composition, Vey paints his surreal landscapes in colours, once described by the critic Brian Sewell as supreme, that sing and sway within the canvas.

International Exhibitions

Vey has exhibited extensively around the world in cities such as New York, London, Nice, Hamburg and Barcelona and his work is held in many permanent public and private institutions. Most notably, his work belongs to the collection of Julian Lennon.



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