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nathalie borowski

Nathalie Borowski - Photographer, Draftsman
"I am not looking to illustrate a concept but to give sight of an interior view."

As the result of a theoretical training at the Ecole du Louvre and practical training at the Beaux Arts, Nathalie Borowski is a French visual artist who combines art and science in her works.

Cells, identity and poetry

The work of Nathalie Borowski seeks to question the relationship between our social and our cellular life and the organisation thereof (language, migration and the concept of space).  The starting point for her is a scientific reality which relates to our identity, our cells and our DNA, in order to develop an allegory, (drawings, installations, photographs).

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Bodies, environment and work

Nathalie Borowski has also created a visual alphabet as a symbol of communication. She has invented a playful and poetic form of « cellular writing, » which expresses our inner exchanges. The concept of movement is transcribed into her works: like the incessant renewal of our cellular activity, the ink on paper transforms itself.

Recognition on the artistic scene

Nathalie Borowski started exhibiting shortly after she left school, notably at the Salon de Montrouge and subsequently, in contemporary art centres.  Since these beginnings, she has had many private exhibitions in Europe.  Her work can be found in both private and public collections.


Entomologie de l'ADN

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Ecriture cellulaire

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