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Neil Pittaway - Painter
"Believe in what you do and take every opportunity you can"

Neil Pittaway is a British painter, born in 1973 in Yorkshire. He first ventured into the art sector by completing his degree at Cheltenham School of Art and later his MA in Printmaking at the University of Bradford.  Both educational experiences are visible in the work we see today from him.

The Combination of Painting and Drawing     

In Pittaway’s work, he uses a variety of different techniques, methods and processes to create richly layered tapestries on the image surface. His drawings make use of a detailed network of lines which are mainly drawn using traditional dip pen and ink. On the other hand, his paintings infuse a more spontaneous approach, whereby he draws on the luminous qualities of the paint’s pigments to maximise the aesthetic enjoyment.

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Global Exploration

Pittway has travelled across the world, using sketchbooks to document his journey that serve as a primary source of inspiration. In recent years this has included trekking extensively in the Nepal Himalayas ,which can be seen in his ‘Mountain Landscape’ series. These records are then used directly and indirectly to create finished works that capture the essences of time and place.

A Well Travelled Artist

Neil Pittaway has earned numerous prizes and has taken part in renowned exhibitions such as the Royal Albert Hall and Mall Galleries. Further, his work has been featured in the UK through mainstream television channels such as the BBC and Channel 5.


City / Architecture

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Mountain Landscapes

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