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Olivier Anicet - Painter
"For the creation of works of art, there is a state of mind that must be preserved. This condition can be compared to the state of grace."

Olivier Anicet is a French visual artist who was born in Saint-Mandé in 1973 to parents who were from Guadeloupe.

A multi-faceted man

Olivier Anicet studied at the Ecole Supérieure of Modern Art and at the Paris Centre of Applied Arts.  Trained in advertising graphics, he first worked in publishing for a few years, notably on children’s illustrations which he really related to as he had also worked as a chef in a creche.  During this time, he also organised painting workshops for children.  

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An artist like a chameleon

Olivier Anicet uses everything at his disposal, he uses various different mediums, notably oil paints, marouflage, collages and also thick pastels in order to express his artistic work where the key is not necessarily identifiable in each of his works.  His training has enabled him to open himself up to several stylistic forms which has led him to reinvent himself and question himself continuously.  This constant quest of his own and the search for novelty place him as a spectator at the birth of his own works.

Between urban and modern culture

Olivier Anicet finds his inspiration in everything that surrounds him, during his travels and also in the world news as well as in the world of jazz.  Olivier Anicet’s art presents itself as a link between popular culture and modern art.  His collaboration with Radikal, a magazine about Hip-Hop culture and urban culture in general, has been particularly conducive to the development of his urban style which is close to graffiti.  The artist has obtained international recognition for his work through numerous exhibitions.


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