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pawel mendrek

Pawel Mendrek - Painter, Photographer, Draftsman
"My works are not about the thematisation of reality, but rather about the specific thematisation of interpretation of reality."

Pawel Mendrek is a visual artist who works and lives in Vienna. His works include various techniques such as painting, drawing, photography and collages. Besides his work as a freelance painter, he is a lecturer at Faculty of Intermedia and Stage Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice and was an Erasmus guest professor at Chelsea College of Arts in London.

Enabling artistic experimentation

Currently he is investigating and working on the subject of identity and reflects his own identity being torn between his professional practice in Austria and his Polish origins.

Through development of the Parallax project between Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice and Chelsea College of Arts London, he is able to discuss issues concerning the role of the art academy and the educational processes it involves itself in.

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Multiple techniques

Mendrek’s work is broad and includes diverse techniques such as practice research and mixing technique experiments. Mendrek’s material of choice is paper so his range of works combines painting, photography, drawing and collages. By overcoming those borders of those genres, he is redefining his artistic vision. Multiple study programs and academic mentors in Vienna and San Francisco influenced his techniques.

An international resume

Pawel Mendrek has exhibited nationally and internationally including group shows at Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, Kunstlerhaus Vienna, Museum of Art, Taiwan, Sienna Art Institute in Italy, Kronika Gallery Bytom, BWA Gallery in Cracow and Bielsko-Biala, Poland and as well in Mill&Short Gallery in San Francisco. He has been nominated for various art prices such as the Grand Prix International Biennial of Digital Graphic Art (2012, Gdynia, Poland), the Grant Award of Academy of Art Collage in San Francisco (1998) and the Strabag Art Award (2010,11, 12).



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