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peter horvath

Peter Horvath - Photographer

Peter Horvath is a Canadian multimedia and collage artist, whose collages manipulate and rework images drawn from popular culture. Horvath uses scale, juxtaposition and saturated colour in order to create surreal, often humorous artworks.

A multimedia artist

Horvath, inspired by the avant-garde work of the 1920s Dadaists, embraced digital media with the birth of the Web to create audio/video narratives through the editing of film footage and the use of his early collages. His new work also aims to deconstruct and recontextualise imagery in order to create a new narrative, drawing from his archive of mid-20th Century material.

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A nostalgic perspective

Horvath is inspired by the mass media of his childhood, manipulating advertisements from the 1960s and 70s. He offers optimistic narratives influenced by childhood perspectives of the American dream. Horvath’s latest series “American Century” considers the decline of the US as a superpower and the hegemony of America in the 20th century; he views this from a nostalgic perspective, using lost heroes, icons and imagined landscapes to create a geometric space that expresses an illusory inner sanctum.

International success

Horvath has had numerous solo and group exhibitions globally, including the Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo in Mexico and the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec in Canada. He also created a commission for at the New Museum, NYC. Horvath is featured in numerous permanent collections, including a new addition in 2016 to the Whitney Museum of American Art.


American Century

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Lines & Vectors

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