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r.j. kirsch

R.J. Kirsch - Painter, Photographer

German painter R.J. Kirsch was born in Kirchen in the Westerwald in 1959, and today he lives and works in Cologne. He studied painting at Cologne's legendary workshops and met the American Fluxus artist Al Hansen in 1990, whose influence gave him reason to initiate intense examination of action and performance art, which continues to thread through his work today.

The romantic idea of ​​dramatic failure

Even while studying, R.J. Kirsch was inspired by the work of classic master painters. The staging of dramatic failure, as exemplified for example by the painting "Das Eismeer" by C.D. Friedrich, has put a spell on the artist. The development of the world through technology as well as its shortcomings are a central theme of his work. In RJ Kirsch's "Impact Series", the artist intensively dives into the motif of drapery.

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Metal and drapery

R.J. Kirsch is interested in the processes by which motion energy inscribes itself on surfaces as a result of malfunctions and complications. Based on nineteenth-century painting and its realism, his paintings are exclusively done in oil on canvas. Thus, R.J. Kirsch makes a reference between the present confrontation and the history of painting to develop his large-format paintings originating in the tradition of drapery.

An experienced artist on a lasting road of success

Since 1999, R.J. Kirsch regularly exhibits his works at art associations and art museums in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Mainz or Brussels. His works can be found in public collections and were represented at international art fairs, among others in Miami and in Mexico.


Soft Impact

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