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razvan stanciu

Razvan Stanciu - Painter
"Inspiration is not enough without work and sustained study."

Razvan Stanciu is a Romanian painter, based in Bucharest, Romania. Always having a keen interest in the world of art, his work sits comfortably in line with the figurative style, carrying an abstract undertone.

Commenting on Modern Civilisation

Stanciu’s work is driven by criticisms of modern society regarding over-consumption and the selfishness of humans. Excelling in portraiture, his figures evoke tones of anger and frustration, suggesting a desolate future as a consequence of the greed of past generations. Elements of abstraction  interfere with the unity of colours on the canvas, suggesting that humans are breaking away from established moral values.

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Deciphering Hidden Emotions Through Cultural Heritage

Stanciu’s colour scheme is strongly inspired by ancient carpets found in Oltenia, Romania. Created with ancient weaving techniques and patterns, they give Stanciu’s art the idea of tradition and heritage. In his oil or acrylic paintings, Stanciu attempts to not only express the humans’ faces in an accurate way through meticulous brush strokes, but to also uncover the personalities of these figures, precisely portraying their true characters.

Extending his Recognition

Razvan Stanciu has taken part in exhibitions around the world including The National Academy of Art, Bucharest and the Oxford International Art Fair. He hopes to solidify his international recognition in the following years to come.



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