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roger aslin

Roger Aslin - Painter
"Walking through the city provides the visual palette for all my paintings."

Roger Aslin is a British painter and photographer, living near London, who focuses on urban life with a figurative approach. Initially working in the music industry at a major record label, Aslin consistently produced visual work including sculpture and photography. The use of different media helped establish his current, figurative style which has often been observed as having a filmic quality.

City Inspiration

Views from the city have compelled Aslin to paint, and have now become the core of his work. He perceives his work as one of a modern day “Flaneur” (observer of city life). His practice explores two key subjects: the figure and the urban environment, which contains elements inspired from his long interest in film and television.

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Using Photography to Construct his Paintings

Aslin captures images on his camera or phone, which he later refines digitally before commencing work in the studio. He paints mainly on canvas but also on paper and board. Urban scenes are displayed in dramatic colour by using a highly contrasted palette which encourages the shape and form of his pieces. He reduces the image to key elements which still maintain the essence of their meaning.

National Recognition

Roger Aslin has established a presence across the UK, participating in exhibitions such as: The Art Gemini Prize, the Royal Watercolour Society Exhibition and the Lynn Painter - Stainers Exhibition. He is now poised to extend this success internationally.


Blue Light Series

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Urban Interiors Series

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