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sarah wimperis

Sarah Wimperis - Painter
"It is as if by paintings I am trying to hold onto a moment in time"

Sarah Wimperis is a traditional figurative artist living in Helston, UK.  She was born into a family with artistic roots, which pushed her to study Fine Art at Falmouth School of art, graduating with a degree in sculpture.  She has pursued plein art painting post-university, with much success.

Appreciating Newfound Environments

Wimperis’ focus lies in painting with either oils or watercolour. She gathers her inspiration through her travels and visiting novel places. Environments such as detailed interiors, beautiful gardens and markets provide her with the best ideas for her paintings. She keeps a sketchbook to record future subject matter, constantly painting as she is observing the world around her.

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Emphasis on colour

Wimperis first reflects on dismissive details in her daily life that when reflected on,  a newly discovered appreciation emerges which she bases her paintings around. She then casts back to her past travels that will be positioned at the forefront of the canvas.  Wimperis often places high importance on rich saturated colours that have resulted due to containing many layers and focuses on the effects of light on the atmosphere.

Global Exposure of an Accomplished Artist

Sarah Wimperis has exhibited with several galleries in the UK including the Portal Gallery in London as well as illustrating for the BBC and the National Trust. On an international level, she has painted in China, Russia, in addition to teaching art in Norway and France.



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