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Simon Andrews - Painter
"In my work I'm interested in the balance between a figurative narrative and the physicality of paint, how this balance affects the way we visualise a memory in our mind's eye."

Simon Andrews is an Australian painter, originally from Sydney, Australia and currently living and working in Sweden. He combines figurative paintings with an innovative, abstract twist.

Questioning Imagery

Andrews’ first encounter with painting was through a playful trick played on him during his childhood by his father. A postcard of the painting ‘Mr and Mrs Andrews’ by Gainsborough, displayed on the family fridge was often referred to as the family’s British ancestors. During a class presentation where the image was shown, Andrews naively leapt up to explain the family connection to his classmates. This whole experience prompted a commitment to seeking out the truth and history of images.

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Abstraction Meets the Figurative

Andrews enjoys exploring the process of the medium. He adds abstract elements to his figurative canvas. These small, often geometric shapes stem from this childhood encounter with the Gainsborough painting, assessing the image and painting his own interpretation. Instead of creating a flawless canvas he wants to reveal the painterly process, these squares enhance this notion and draw our attention to the physicality.

Scandinavian Success

Andrews has exhibited extensively in Scandinavia and abroad in places such as Sydney and Switzerland. He has held a number of personal exhibitions in galleries across Sweden.


Simon Andrews

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