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teo ormond-skeaping

Teo Ormond-Skeaping - Photographer
"I work with the Anthropocene and climate change as a cultural paradigm of our time that shapes the way in which we imagine our future."

Teo Ormond-Skeaping is a British artist working primarily with photography and film. Since 2012, Ormond-Skeaping has been working in an artist collaboration with Lena Dobrowolska on projects concerned with Climate Change and the Anthropocene.

Who is the Agent?

For Ormond-Skeaping and Dobrowolska, their chosen mediums of documentary photography and artist film inherently reveal the pervasive power relationships still present in the globalised society of today. Their works document vulnerability, resilience and adaptation to Climate Change through an exploration of poverty, development and environmental disaster, and the varying degrees to which humans are responsible for the global climatic and geological changes that have defined the Anthropocene.

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The Cultural Meaning of Nature

Highlighting the relationship between Climate Change, environmental degradation, human rights and geopolitics, the Polish-British duo’s landscapes, portraits and still life scenes consider the shifting cultural meaning of Nature, how this is changed by the definition of the Anthropocene, and how we may decolonize Nature.

Amassing the Accolades

Teo Ormond-Skeaping has received international acclaim. He is the recipient of the Red Mansion Prize and the Jealous Print Prize and was awarded the Culture and Climate Change residency, along with Dobrowolska.



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