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tomasz cichowski

Tomasz Cichowski - Painter, Photographer

Tomasz Cichowski is a Polish visual contemporary artist. While studying Multimedia Communications at Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, he practiced painting, drawing, video art, installations and photography. His current abstract work consists of many of these mediums, establishing his multimedia artistry.

Spontaneity and Discipline

Cichowski’s drawings explore the spontaneous and ephemeral nature of trace-making. He attempts to convey feelings that are often difficult to express with words by creating works that resonate with the viewer on a subjective level. His painting focuses on the abstract, exploring colour, shape and texture, yet he often takes two opposing approaches: organised and spontaneous. This allows him to experiment with different ways of thinking which he hopes strengthens each medium he works in.   

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The Use of Emotions

With his drawing, Cichowski leads with his emotions. He thinks about certain sentiments that he finds difficult to communicate which influences his hand direction, hand pressure motion, and he expresses them on paper with the use of patterns in a nonconventional way, that it therapeutic for him but subjective for the viewer. He aims to focus on the colour, texture and painting matter that differs for his two different abstract paths.

Established Polish Artist

Tomasz Cichowski has exhibited widely in his home country of Poland, which includes the BWA Gallery in Warsaw and at the European Performance Art Festival, also in Warsaw. He aspires to expand and surpass his current European recognition.


Painting 'Paint exposure'

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Drawings 2012

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Photography 'Vibrating silence'

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Works on paper

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