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tristan rain

Tristan Rain - Painter, Photographer
"I try to give the world an incomplete, fragmented and incohesive vision of what we understand to be reality."

Born in Switzerland in 1972, Tristan Rain is an artist and photographer.  His work addresses human perceptions which he describes as incomplete, fragmented and incohesive.

Conceptual work on human perceptions

The work of Tristan Rain is imbued with the architectural studies that the artist followed at the same time as his studies in visual arts.  Calling frequently on geometric shapes, his paintings and his photographs are the fruit of a work about the fragmentary nature and the duration of a look.  The subject is decentralised, space and time are broken down

Art born of constraint

Tristan Rain’s paintings are « cryptochromes. »  They contain few colours.  Everything is condensed in the construction of the pictorial matter, from colours that are enriched by metal powders and glass to the angle of the lighting and the quality of the light.  Each work, because of these constraints, is thus both unique and manifold at the same time.

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Living photography

The photographic works of Tristan Rain explore the possibilities and the limits of photography.  Various different strategies are used: the camera moves during shooting or is positioned in front of a set of glasses or mirrors.  This captures a multitude of different views, densifying, focussing, merging, making visible.  The image is transformed through enlargement, overlays, projections repeated transfers between techniques, through compression and decompression of digital files and changes in the range of colours.

The work of an international artist

Since 1995, the artist has been living in Paris, has been active since 2000 in Berlin and regularly works in Stockholm since 2008.  His work, which has often been exhibited in numerous countries, is travelling even more: Réalités Nouvelles in Paris, November in Vitry, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Beijing, the Autumn Salon in Tel Aviv, the Exhibition Centre of the Arts in St. Petersburg as well as in Moscow, Berlin, Vienna, Rio and Miami.


Transparences (Stèles photographiques)

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Empire Film Stills (Photographies)

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Anaphore (Photographies)

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Trance (Photographies)

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Please don't get up (Triptyque photographique)

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Unfold (Peinture, Diptyque)

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Street Scenes (Photographies)

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Alpine Landscape (Peinture)

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Once you get there (Peintures)

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Winner's Curse (Peinture)

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