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Painter | Poland

Wojtek Babski

Born in 1960

Wojtek Babski - Painter
  • Experienced Artist
  • Works in Private Collections Worldwide
  • Shortlisted for an Award

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« What I like best in painting is energy, spontaneity, colour, emotions and impression. »

Wojtek Babski is an experienced Polish artist who has exhibited his work nationally. Primarily painting feminine motifs such as faces, figures and silhouettes, his works are a combination of realism and abstract painting. Each piece displays strong, vivid colours achieved by wide brush and palette knife strokes, along with and large contrasting colour spots. Babski ultimately seeks for his works to attract attention with their bold expression.

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  • 2016
    The American Art Awards - category Pop Art - "Marilyn" 1st place- First Prize- United States
Solo exhibition
  • 2013
    Exhibition in National Theatre Warsaw / Warsaw - Warsaw, Poland
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