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wolfgang lehmann

Wolfgang Lehmann - Photographer
"My works are born of the longing for mystery. They stand for what we can not express in words."

The German film, video and photo artist Wolfgang Lehmann, who was born in Freiburg in 1967, now lives and works in Stockholm. His interest and passion are devoted to the works of the film, photo and video avant-garde and their presentation. At the beginning of his career, he worked at the local film club, authored film reviews and organized film series and festivals for the Stadtkino (city cinema) in Freiburg.

Fascination of process photography

At the age of 20, Wolfgang Lehmann starts with analogue films. He has an obsession for moving pictures, and in films, he is more interested in details of the picture, light and montage, than the actual stories. The artist is fascinated by the background of paintings, not what is in the focus of the picture.

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 On digital shortcomings and overlays

Wolfgang Lehmann's works show landscapes and bodies. They reflect the question of perception. He creates transformations, carries documentary or staged imagery into abstract compositions. Many of his works are the result of image overlays and controlled digital miscalculations that turn the image into a fragment. The artist projects these overlays on the wall in orde to then rephotograph them.

A globally recognized artist

Wolfgang Lehmann's films and video installations have been shown in museums and galleries in countries like Madrid, Stockholm and New Zealand. His films have been screened at international film festivals such as the Berlin Film Festival, the New York Film Festival and the Hong Kong International Film Festival. 



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Dritte Tanzszene

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