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Wolfgang Neumann - Painter
"The activity of painting offers support, liberty and leaves traces. It forges meaning and fulfillment in the face of the ever-imperfect.""

Wolfgang Neumann, born in 1977, is a German painter, art dealer, poet, musician and songwriter. His paintings, drawings and graphic prints represent surreal nightmarish worlds from media and trivial culture using cheerful colors.

Painter of the absurd world of opposites

To the artist, the Maniera, the aspects of composition and the inscribed process at the picture are just as important as the figurative picture story itself. His satirical scenarios sum up that which doesn't belong together using harsh and dissonant colors: People, animals and sensations combine beauty and horror to challenges the viewer with contrasting interpretations. He calls these dense pictures "compressionism".

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Verist, dadaist, historical painter, genre painter - a tireless taboo breaker

Neumann's carnivalistic world representations, whose stylistic devices are exaggeration, alienation, uncertainty and critical self-reflection, follow the pictorial traditions of James Ensor, Goya, Dix, Grosz and Beckmann. Yet, the artist does not limit himself to the common techniques: Spray paint, acrylic and oil on canvas, digitally achieved etchings and punny picture titles reflect the modern world of contradictions.

An inter-media and international artist

Wolfgang Neumann's works are found in numerous public and private German and international collections. In 2015, he was presented as a promising "newcomer" by Germany's leading art medium Art - The Art Magazine. As a co-director and author, the artist has won the first place at the HdHdM Stuttgart short film festival with his short film "Mal mir das Bild vom Tod (en: Paint me the image of death)", a play of words on the German title of the movie Once Upon a Time in the West.



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