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Afactum 1

AFACTUM Achot Achot Painting Oil
AFACTUM Achot Achot Painting Oil
About Achot Achot

Achot Achot, whose real name is Achot Kazarian, is a French artist of Armenian origin.  He practices painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and performing arts.  Combining a meditative and spiritual approach to his art, his work is the culmination but also the medium of a universally philosophical quest surrounding science and the creation of the cosmos.

Art in the blood

Achot Achot was born with a pencil in his hand: “I didn’t have to make any effort in order to see myself as an artist.  Art ran in my veins.  This came from my past lives.” Having always felt a visceral need to express himself through art, he studied at the Terlemezian School in Yerevan and then at the Institute of Visual and Dramatic Arts.  He discovered the apocryphal gospels in the 1980’s and realised that each religion is a specific interpretation of the same truth.  The themes that recur in his compositions are the spiritual realm and angels.  And, since 1988, his works follow the guiding thread of an art form that he describes as permanent and which make an impression on the viewer.

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