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Das Motiv zeigt eine Person dessen Identität durch eine Maske unkenntlich gemacht wurde, dennoch erahnt man das sie männlich ist und sich in einem Jugendlichen alter befindet. Durch die Maske, die Verschränkten Arme und das laute Schreien wird eine Stimmung des dagegen seins transportiert, was stark an eine Demonstration oder einen Aufstand erinnert. Der Titel "Dissident" verstärkt diese Annahme.

Dissident Alias Painting Collage, Graffiti, Spray paint on Metal
Dissident Alias Painting Collage, Graffiti, Spray paint on Metal
About Alias

German artist Alias ​​was born in 1980 in Wendland. Today he lives in Berlin and is one of Europe's best-known street art artists. Hardly any street artist has made it from street art into the galleries and the hearts of art collectors as rapidly as Alias.

Creative free spirit

Even during his youth, Alias ​​lived up to his artistic talents; he welded sculptures and designed posters and banners for protests. He pursues his creative path and begins with graffiti art in the mid-90s, already employing the stencil technique back then. Today, many of the world's walls feature his often sad motifs, which have a strong impact on the public and contain messages that touch people.

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