Brut Carniollus, Slovenia

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About Brut Carniollus

"Despite extensive use of computers and insane amounts of post-processing, photography perceived as an impression of light remains the main source of my artistic creation"

Brut Carniollus is a Slovenian photographer and visual artist, focusing in photography based digital collages and digital graphics. His primary school teacher introduced him to various art books that made him realise the endless possibilities of the craft. It was not long after this where he began investigating further, finding photography the style where he is most comfortable.   

Making the Unconventional Accessible

Being an image collector, Carniollus’ work naturally leans towards documentary photography. The small details such as  form and shape drives his creative process with his goal being to draw out of the beauty and something that is unseen on the surface. By using views that range from natural earth processes and architecture, he aims to make the audience understand his own perception of the sights around.

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