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Orange Organic Molecular energy

ORGANIC Denis Brasil Painting Oil on Canvas
ORGANIC Denis Brasil Painting Oil on Canvas
About Denis Brasil

Denis Brasil is a French artist who was born in 1956.  He now communicates through his drawings and paintings and is a graduate of the Beaux Arts in Paris and the ESAG Penninghen Académie Julian.

Art in the blood

His early childhood was spent in Rome at the Villa Medici where his father, Jean Brasilier, was awarded the Rome Prize for Architecture on 5 occasions.  He grew up in an environment that was resolutely artistic, surrounded by his mother who was a sculptress, a great uncle (Hélie Brasilier) who was a romantic symbolist artist, a grandfather (Jacques Brasilier) who was a mystical illuminator, and a grandmother who was a painter of ceramics.  However, it was at the Beaux Arts in Paris that he finally realised his vocation.”It was obvious: the colours flooded my veins, I became obsessed by painting,” he says.

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