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Un escalier. Voilà un très bon exemple de "non lieu"; Qui plus est celui-ci est bordé d'un immeuble voué à la destruction, les graffs ajoutant à cette idée de fragilité tout en faisant jaillir des couleurs vives.

Mise au point Ivan Sollogoub Painting Oil on Canvas
Mise au point Ivan Sollogoub Painting Oil on Canvas
About Ivan Sollogoub

Ivan Sollogoub is an artist born in France in 1974.  Trained for 6 years as the only student of the artist Sergueï Toutounov, his work is inspired by artists such as Rembrandt, Kandinsky, Hopper and Bonnard for their use of colour and Nicolas De Staël for his audacity.

A prestigious training

Or Russian origin, Ivan Sollogoub earned his stripes in the studio of Sergueï Toutounov, an artist trained in the Russian naturalist tradition at the Sourikov Institute in Moscow, where he learned the basics of his craft and most especially, the technique of painting with oils.  After several years of painting still lifes and landscapes in a « semi academic »fashion, he started working independently at his own studio in Paris.  After a long trip to Morocco, he was struck by the astonishing liveliness of the contrasts, the light and the colours he had seen.  This experience made him want to paint in a different way, still figuratively but expanding his work with regard to light and colour.  

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