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The main focus of this work is placed upon compilations of various pre-existing materials, which were collected from the surrounding environment and then given new significance in an image. By interrupting the natural processes of these materials, artist takes away their primary functions. When one process stops, another starts: by alternating, layering and arranging them together, he allows them to develop, almost like being reborn, gaining new implications…Learn more +

Composition VI - Birches Jakub Pasierkiewicz Work on paper Oil, Collage, Pencil, Pen on Paper
Composition VI - Birches Jakub Pasierkiewicz Work on paper Oil, Collage, Pencil, Pen on Paper
About Jakub Pasierkiewicz

Jakub Pasierkiewicz (b. 1980) was born in Poland and today lives and works in the UK. Working primarily with photography, painting and graphite, Pasierkiewicz’s work explores recollective experience. His work evokes unintentional recollection, a sort of déja vu, filled with objects that remind the viewer of past experiences or bring back memories, and yet in their context, may seem insignificant.

Photographic Memory

In his photography, Pasierkiewicz uses his camera to materialise the array of emotions that develop in his mind at a moment in time, or an encounter. His observations of the surrounding world are raw and spontaneous rather than staged or posed. They are sometimes an abstract version of this reality, identifiable through their colours, forms, or textures. Be it a child diving into the sea, a red street water pump, a graffitied wall, or a construction site, these images trigger the brain to search through the immense collection of visual archives, of memories, to draw individual associations to his images.

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