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Dessin sur papier. L'homme qui discute avec la nature. Le langage en face de la nature ineffable. Le poisson de combat, dans un conflit avec sa propre image. Les deux en se regardant, l'un à l'autre, comme dans un miroir. (Dessin a encre,crayon et pinceau sur papier Arches,300 mg.)

Le Philosophe* Jorge Isla Drawing
Le Philosophe* Jorge Isla Drawing
About Jorge Isla

Jorge Isla is a Spanish figurative and realist painter born in 1970 in Madrid.

Mastery of old techniques

Isla specialised in painting and etching at university in Madrid. At the same time, he worked in numerous workshops of artists such as Francisco Soto Mesa, José Hernandez and Odd Nerdrum. He explores old painting techniques, from classical antiquity to the Renaissance and from Baroque to 19th century. Having lived for almost four years in Southeast Asia, he began to incorporate Oriental techniques such as ink painting, using Indian ink, known as “Sumi-e”. Today, Isla is considered an important Spanish figurative painter.

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