To keep going

Niki Hare, United Kingdom

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To keep going | Painting

About Niki Hare

"I want the viewer to take what they want from the painting"

Niki Hare is a self-taught artist based in Tewkesbury, UK. She explores many mediums but fundamentally uses painting as her preferred means of expression. Her work explores ideas of existence and the individual’s perception.

No filter

Hare’s very unprocessed and spontaneous way of creating artwork enables her to go back and forth from one canvas to another, to play with layers and discover, at a later stage, elements that she had forgotten about that she will use to go further. Hare is inspired by thoughts she may have or something that she has heard or seen in her daily life. Hare takes pleasure in being able to portray a narrative that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways.

The Unraveling of the World Through her Eyes

Hare’s work dissects and explores the world around her. Hare believes that nothing is static, and she conveys this in her work, portraying a sense of the temporary and imbalance. She uses art as a means of therapeutic expression. Her paintings are personal to her, a visual diary which depicts her emotions at any given time. She often layers words over her pieces so she doesn’t feel as exposed and vulnerable.

One to Watch

Niki Hare has only started exhibiting recently, already taking part in three shows in Bristol, UK. Hare is also currently involved with internet collage projects being shown in the USA, highlighting the versatility Hare possesses as an artist.

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