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Untitled (5) 2015 Richard Caldicott Work on paper Acrylic
Untitled (5) 2015 Richard Caldicott Work on paper Acrylic
About Richard Caldicott

Richard Caldicott is a British artist, born in Leicester and today based in London. Working with the mediums of photography, drawing, prints and painting, Caldicott’s compositions are colourful explosions of abstract and semiotic form.

Among the Greats of Colour

Caldicott rose to success in the 1990’s with his acclaimed photogram series featuring Tupperware boxes. Through the arrangement of these common household containers, Caldicott created immense displays of colour with the ironic beauty of simplicity. His works were compared to the Color Field paintings of Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman, and Caldicott gained the accolade as one of the true representatives of abstract expressionism of the last decades.

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