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Figuren mit langen Schatten in abstrakter Landschaft verharrend

Passing Time Tanja Vetter Painting Oil on Canvas
Passing Time Tanja Vetter Painting Oil on Canvas
About Tanja Vetter

German painter Tanja Vetter was born in 1973 in Pforzheim. Today she lives in Mannheim, where she pursues her career as an artist. In 1998, she began her studies at the Free Art Academy Rhein-Neckar in Mannheim, where she discovered her love for abstraction.

Between abstract and figurative art

During her studies and the years to follow, Tanja Vetter exclusively painted abstractly, until she succumbed to the depressing feeling that a change of direction was long due. After taking a creative break from painting, she begins to create her abstract-figurative, lively, colorful portrayals of people in scenic environments, bathed in melancholy and yet encouraging and atmospheric moods.

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