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I am inspired by my daily reality, news, advertising (really colorfull) and these slogans sometimes shocking of idiocy and from there I developed a series of drawings and paintings where acceptances and contradictions make my everyday life. As a child when he draws. It provides valuable tools enabling the understanding of symbolic language is the expression of the unconscious.

Taste Ugo Li Work on paper Oil on Paper
Taste Ugo Li Work on paper Oil on Paper
About Ugo Li

Ugo Li, born in 1987, is a French painter, who is currently living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. His bold, pictorial and often abstract work appropriates and reinterprets the visual signs of today’s society.

Everyday inspiration

Li was surrounded by creativity from an early age, being raised in his father’s artist studio and following his parents around art galleries. His work is highly personal, inspired by both major life events and the small everyday moments that constitute one's existence. His paintings explore the intersections of dreams, memory, personal history and daily life.

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