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Artwork : KILL YOUR TV Dimension : 120 X 80 cm Technique : Acrylique / Aerosol Couleur : Multicolore Finition : Deux couches de vernis acrylique pour protéger l'oeuvre Les toiles sont signées et livrées avec certificat d'authenticité

KILL YOUR TV Vincent Bardou Painting Graffiti
KILL YOUR TV Vincent Bardou Painting Graffiti
About Vincent Bardou

A multi-faceted French artist, Vincent Bardou was born in Vitry-sur-Seine in 1989.

From design to painting

From an early age, Vincent Bardou was interested in drawing and early on, was already finding his inspiration from urban culture and especially from graffiti.  After starting his career as a designer and draughtsman, he decided to dedicate himself fully to the life of an artist in 2014 leaving Vitry-sur-Seine and setting sail for the South.

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