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Inspired by Impressionism

Created on 04/2018

Impressionism was a 19th century movement pioneered by Monet, Manet and other Paris-based artists. They began working outside - plein air painting - and painted their impression of a scene, not just the reality. Painting outside allowed them to capture the changing natural light, increasing their sensitivity to colour, light and shadow. 

Impressionist paintings are recognisable through their quick brushstrokes which captured the essence of a scene, and allowed them to paint their own reality.

Our contemporary artists draw inspiration from the Impressionists to create their unique paintings. Their work ranges from figurative to abstract art, depending on the individual artist's response to the visuals in front of them. Many of our artists work en plein air as the Impressionists did, so they can capture the moment.

We hope you enjoy our selection of portraits, landscapes and even abstract paintings that shows the impact of Impressionism on contemporary art.

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