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corinna rosteck

Corinna Rosteck - Photographer
"In the atmospheric, animated conception of space, I paint using my camera."

Corinna Rosteck, born in 1968, grew up in Ibiza and in Hameln. She completed her master class studies in Painting and Art Photography at the University of Arts in Berlin, Printmaking Fine Art at the Central St. Martin's College of Fine Art in London and photo media at the International Center of Photography in New York. After spending time in London, Paris, Zaragoza, Muscat (Oman) and Abu Dhabi, the artist now lives and works in Berlin.

On water, dance and photography

Since her early childhood, Corinna Rosteck spends several months each year in Ibiza, the legendary "white island". This island, a kaleidoscope of alternative life forms, was her artistic 'coming out', her yearning place. Corinna Rosteck's atmospheric snapshots of this near surreal enclave present Ibiza as a sensual continuum, as a stable myth and a childhood dream that gets to spring back to life year for year. Here, her first creative works, aquarelle, are animated by artists of the Spanish art scene, such as Tapiez, Miró or Group Zero.

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Picturesque photography on metal

The reflective, metallic picture surfaces used in Corinna Rosteck's photographs, which at first sight appear cold and closed, seem to open up upon closer inspection. The dialogue between viewer and photography gives rise to a form of liveliness and immediacy, since the reflective and luminous water alternates between representational reproduction and abstract structure.

An established artist full of passion

Corinna Rosteck's works are shown in numerous local and international exhibitions. She is a member of the German Society for Photography in Cologne and the Deutscher Künstlerbund (German Artists' Association). Her works can be found among public collections around the world, including in Frankfurt, Berlin and Abu Dhabi. 



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Liquid Dance

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