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Krystina Stimakovits

Krystina Stimakovits - photographer
"I follow gloss and cobweb invitations into passageways and dusty corners."

Originally from Vienna, Krystina Stimakovits is a visual artist living in London. Her photographic work explores the realm of man-made surfaces and layers to be found within urban sites of transition.

Changing Cities

The city is a place of perpetual change of abandonment, demolition and construction, where everyday we encounter an incongruous mix of man-made and organic forms. Stimakovits mines visual challenges and delights from dividing structures, such as glass, mesh, fencing and hoardings. These provide layers that act as both a barrier and doorway to visual fields, hiding and revealing in equal measure. For her these offer fertile metaphors for the complexities of contemporary living.

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Photography as Paradox

Stimakovits exploits photography’s ability to represent and transform the real in the same instant. She finds a certain solace in the fact that as a photographer she is able to dig beneath appearances. She does this through the tension between the familiar and the uncanny, a recognition that ‘straight' photographs are 'factual enigmas’.

Photobooks and Exhibitions

Stimakovits has published several photobooks. In 2016 she collaborated with a German photographer which led to the publication of ‘Linger’. Another collaboration with an abstract painter in NY resulted in the self-published ‘Duets'. Her works have been selected for several curated group shows in London, and two solo exhibitions in Budapest (PH21 Gallery and National Szkene Theatre - 2015 and 2016).



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Minutes with Monk

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Tales Without Borders

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Site Works

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The Battered Site

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  • 2015
    Ph21 International Competition - Solo Exhibition – Budapest, Hungary
  • 2010
    High Noon Culture - Travel, Hosting and Commission – Yangzhou, China

Group exhibitions

  • 2015
    Photography Matters / Espacio Gallery – London, United Kingdom
  • 2013
    A Loose Traverse - Crossing Lines / Greenwich Gallery – London, United Kingdom
  • 2012
    Renaissance Photography Prize / Pall Mall Gallery – London West End, United Kingdom
  • 2012
    Of Slippages and Shadows / Arts Pavilion - Mile End – London, United Kingdom

Solo exhibitions

  • 2016
    TALES WITHOUT BORDERS / National Szkene Theatre – Budapest, Hungary
  • 2015
    TALES WITHOUT BORDERS / Ph21 Gallery – Budapest, Hungary
  • 2011
    solo show / New Hope Arts Centre – New Hope, Pennsylvania, United States