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Ron Weijers - Painter
"Painting is the ultimate medium for communicating with myself and others. My personal quest is to find the balance between tranquility and tension."

Ron Weijers (b. 1960) is a Dutch multidisciplinary artist working primarily with painting, photography and music. His paintings emancipate thought and practice; through his intuitive visual language, he translates his views on contemporary issues, and through his process, he attempts to liberate the line from its traditional pattern.

Layered with Meaning

Weijers’ paintings stimulate dialogue and discussion on today’s social and geopolitical issues. His “Radical Pacifism” project reviews the worldwide climate of increasing violence. By re-constructing and re-activating his materials, Weijers likens his work to that of building a relationship, with attempts of intimacy, fallen expectations, failures and finally, surrender.

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A Liberated Form of Expression

Weijers paints predominantly on wooden panels, to support the weighty materials that he uses to create his multi-layered mixed-media paintings, such as oil pastels, acrylic, graphite, wire, corrugated cardboard, and glaze. Using a refined drawing technique, Weijers frees the line from its traditional function, rendering the figures and elements in their natural state.

International Esteem

Ron Weijers’ paintings have been exhibited extensively throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the USA, and his work is today housed in private collections around the world. As a musician Weijers writes, arranges, produces and releases musical projects using the name ‘Global Frequency’.


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