The ‘Pulp Vision’ reflections series, by the Dutch multi-disciplinary artist Ron Weijers reflects and revives debate and dialogue on the aspect of self-reflection in relation to the financial crisis as it currently occurs worldwide. Weijers questions multiple sides of the current crisis. The loosely narrative images offer no conclusions as to which parties actually are the defenders or those being defended, which are batting down and which are unleashed

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Pulp Vision Reflections 011 | Painting
Pulp Vision Reflections 011 | Painting
About Ron Weijers

Ron Weijers (b. 1960) is a Dutch multidisciplinary artist working primarily with painting, photography and music. His paintings emancipate thought and practice; through his intuitive visual language, he translates his views on contemporary issues, and through his process, he attempts to liberate the line from its traditional pattern.

Layered with Meaning

Weijers’ paintings stimulate dialogue and discussion on today’s social and geopolitical issues. His “Radical Pacifism” project reviews the worldwide climate of increasing violence. By re-constructing and re-activating his materials, Weijers likens his work to that of building a relationship, with attempts of intimacy, fallen expectations, failures and finally, surrender.

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