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Rosy Auguste - Painter

Rosy Auguste was born in Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe. For several years, she was a health professional in urban France.  In order to combine her work as a nurse and her passion for art, she set up creative workshops for people who were ill, in particular those with mental health issues

Fluid art and psychosomatics

Whilst conducting a study on raw art, Rosy Auguste became interested in different artistic movements.  She was particularly inspired by the works of Janet Sobel, the inventor of « all-over,” and the abstract impressionist movement (New York school) to arrive at a method of “Fluid Art” which is based on the discoveries of Doctor Roger Vittoz, a specialist in the psychosomatic.

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Cross-cultural curiosity

Rosy Auguste continues her research into how best to apply her technique on new mounts.  She left for Japan in 2015 in order to study Suminagashi (ancient Japanese marbling) and had the advantage of a place at the Patio in Saint-Louis, Sénégal, as part of Dak’Art, which she has used to obtain a better understanding of traditional dyeing techniques.

The pull of the sea

Fascinated by the infinitely serpentine, rectilinear, brief and languid movements of the sea, the artist succeeds perfectly in portraying these almost mystical forces.  The acrylics are put on to a canvas that is stretched on a frame and then the material is worked on the flat with movements back and forth and harmonious oscillations.

Polychronic work

The canvases of Rosy Auguste can be appreciated on two levels.  Firstly, the sensory receptiveness of appreciation without reflection or analysis, a moment when the viewer allows himself to be gently lulled.  Then comes concentration, where the imagination is enriched, where each form and each colour in the picture takes on a symbolic meaning.


Mythologies Marines

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