Rosy Auguste, Guadeloupe

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EGEON | Painting

About Rosy Auguste

"Being an islander, the sea fascinates me."

Rosy Auguste was born in Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe. For several years, she was a health professional in urban France.  In order to combine her work as a nurse and her passion for art, she set up creative workshops for people who were ill, in particular those with mental health issues

Fluid art and psychosomatics

Whilst conducting a study on raw art, Rosy Auguste became interested in different artistic movements.  She was particularly inspired by the works of Janet Sobel, the inventor of « all-over,” and the abstract impressionist movement (New York school) to arrive at a method of “Fluid Art” which is based on the discoveries of Doctor Roger Vittoz, a specialist in the psychosomatic.

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