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A drawing with acrylic, charcoal and pastel on paper. Aspect from the ruins of the ancient agora in Athens. Framed under glass with a wooden frame. Overall framed dimensions, 84 x 114 cm

Ancient ruins Markos Kampanis Drawing Charcoal on Paper
Ancient ruins Markos Kampanis Drawing Charcoal on Paper
About Markos Kampanis

Markos Kampanis, born in 1955 in Athens, is a Greek painter. He is a graduate of both Wimbledon School of Art and Saint Martin’s School of Art. Kampanis’ work spans from painting, prints, illustration and even church murals.

Lofty Inspirations

Kampanis is interested in landscapes and the Still Life. In recent years, Mount Athos in northeastern Greece has been his most prominent inspiration. He is the curator of the Mount Athos Art Archives, which integrates contemporary art with the historical importance of religious printmaking. Byzantine art is also a great influence for Kampanis and what incited his exploration of religious painting and murals.

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