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  2. Painting
  3. Provocative
  4. Semi - abstract
  5. Oil
  6. 2016

This painting depicts a bombed out city. The form in the foreground is mangled metal and viscera which I based on a photo of beetroot wrapped in foil.

Aftermath Nick Offer Painting Oil
Aftermath Nick Offer Painting Oil
About Nick Offer

Nick Offer, born in 1975, is a contemporary British painter who creates figurative paintings based loosely on collages. These collages are derived from a wide range of source material found, for the most part, on the internet. He earned his BA in painting at Edinburgh College of Art and his MFA from Winchester School of Art.


Offer's preparatory collages often coalesce around figures thrust into a new environment. He keeps revising the collage until a surprising reason emerges for the figures' presence there. The process is also a search for a combination of images which resonate in an unexpected way. The search is guided by formal concerns (composition is important) and thematic ones (figures engaged in ambiguous behaviour for example).

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