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nick offer

Nick Offer - Painter
"my main hope is to create a unique and persuasive world in each picture. One which works according to its own logic and convinces by the strength of imagery and the paint that depicts it."

Nick Offer, born in 1975, is a contemporary British painter who creates figurative paintings based loosely on collages. These collages are derived from a wide range of source material found, for the most part, on the internet. He earned his BA in painting at Edinburgh College of Art and his MFA from Winchester School of Art.


Offer's preparatory collages often coalesce around figures thrust into a new environment. He keeps revising the collage until a surprising reason emerges for the figures' presence there. The process is also a search for a combination of images which resonate in an unexpected way. The search is guided by formal concerns (composition is important) and thematic ones (figures engaged in ambiguous behaviour for example).

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Offer's approach to landscape is not far removed from his other paintings. He creates collages from numerous photos taken at source (often the Scottish Highlands) and uses these along with oil sketches to make a painting. He will often allow the paint – applied randomly and freely in the early stages to dictate structure and rhythm.

A Strong British Following

Nick Offer has accumulated a national following thanks to the numerous exhibitions he has taken part in such as being a finalist in the London Contemporary Art Prize of 2018 and 2017 and the Lacey Contemporary Prize, 2016. He now sets his sights on expanding his international reach.