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john brooks

John Brooks - Photographer

John Brooks is a British visual artist who is currently living and working in Bristol, UK. Through his photography, Brooks wishes to project an emotional response that extends far beyond the pictorial.

Reassembling Landscapes

Brooks is interested in abstraction within urban and pastoral spaces. There is a certain element of constructivism in his pieces, by which he re-imagines and then re-constructs landscapes. This is achieved by capturing multiple images of a place and then rebuilding them with a collage technique or placing semi-transparent layers over one another to create one single image. He is intrigued by the strength of the skeletal structures beneath the facades of buildings and the energy they emit.

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Progression of Style

Brooks’ style and approach has evolved over the years. His earlier work was mostly monochromatic, allowing him to dedicate his full attention to the geometry and forms of the piece. Later, he transitioned into colour by applying colour emulsions to the works. This chromatic addition brought a new dimension to his work, allowing for boundless options of creativity.

Prestigious Prizes

Brooks has received a host of prizes over his career, most recently he was awarded the Grand Prize at the New York Center for Photographic Art. His work has been featured in international magazines and journals and he has published three photobooks.



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