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Synapses; an ongoing series of images aiming to depict a reconnection with the wild places of my youth following an urbane estrangement from the natural world. “We depend on nature not only for our physical survival. We also need nature to show us the way home, the way out of the prison of our own minds. We got lost in doing, thinking, remembering, anticipating - lost in a maze of complexity and a world of problems.” Elkhart Tolle – Stillness…Learn more +

Sennen Beach Samye Asher Photography
Sennen Beach Samye Asher Photography
About Samye Asher

Samye Asher is a British photographer who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. His otherworldly photographic compositions offer viewers a space to reflect on their connection with nature, in a world increasingly consumed by technology and popular culture.

Stillness speaks

Asher uses photography as a tool to evoke the stillness that can be felt through experiencing nature and its elements. Assisted by studio lighting that is constructed within his landscapes, Asher creates uncanny scenes that are meeting points between nature and science, the internal and the external, and reality and fantasy.

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